‘Norwegians Worldwide’ receives good news

The Peace Queen enjoyed a rather lively discussion with the director of Norwegians Worldwide, a membership organization for Norwegians abroad, Norwegian descendants and friends of Norway. Norwegians Worldwide was extremely helpful in the initial establishment of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize.

Melannie and Jewel learned from Executive Director Georg Broch, that the day they visited was an especially exciting one for the organization. The Norwegian Parliament had just passed legislation that would establish the possibility of dual citizenship opportunities. He added that Norway was one of the few countries that had not recognized dual citizenship and now things were going to change.

20181206_070828-1Georg explained dual citizenship by suggesting if he and Melannie were  to marry, she could keep her U.S. citizenship and also become a citizen of Norway.

Melannie asked, “Is this a proposal?” Georg playfully replied, “Sure” as the crew roared. Engagement news to follow. 🙂

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