“Peacemaking takes Courage…”

The Nobel Peace Center on the harbor in Oslo, highlights the past Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded 99 times to 133 Nobel Laureates between 1901 and 2018, 106 individuals and 27 organizations.

The Nobel Peace Center offers a creative photo display as well as a profound multi-sensory exhibit (1000 LED lights, engaging music and images that change as you pass by) named the “Nobel Field” which must be experienced to be believed.

Melannie & Jewel at the “Nobel Field”

One of everyone’s favorite part of our tour was our Museum Educator, Adeline Covelier. This young woman obviously enjoys every minute of her job… describing the life and times of the Nobel Peace Laureates.

Covelier described what these Nobel Peace Laureates from every corner of the world have in common: “Courage…there was always something to lose… they were never sure they were going to succeed.”


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