Joining Our Peace Queen: A ‘real’ Jewel

Please meet Miss Melannie’s mentor and collaborator in her peace journey in Oslo, Miss Jewel Diamond Taylor, author and life coach. Just so you get to know Jewel… it is said that she “kicked the glass ceiling with her high heels” to become one the nation’s top Black woman professional speaker and author. Her books include, “Shift Happens,” and “Sister Friends.” She also created the organization, “Women on the Grow.”20181205_022035.jpg

Our 253 Peace Queen met Jewel many years ago when Miss Melannie attended one of Jewel’s motivational speaking engagements. Since then they have been close friends.

When Miss Melannie asked Jewel to join her in Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies Jewel says, “I was speechless… and I speak for a living.”

Here they are on the street in Oslo… talking  on-camera about their remarkable relationship. You will have to view the documentary to learn the rest of the story. 20181205_022405.jpg

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